Play Hurt

via Pressfield:

The amateur believes that she must have all her ducks in a row before she can launch her start-up or compose her symphony or design her iPhone app.

The professional knows better. … Athletes play hurt. Warriors fight scared. The professional takes two aspirin and keeps on truckin’.

I have coached and mentored many people and there are times where I feel like a broken record. I have repeated, countless times, the same counsel:

Just start.

Whether it’s sage advice is anyone’s guess but what I do know is that you will truly never know unless you begin, unless you try.

The attempt, really, is more important than the outcome. I have seen and experienced that reality to know it as gospel truth. So, go for it. Play hurt. You aren’t in any worse shape than the other people who have gone before you (not that that matters anyway).

Even for myself, as I prepare to get my family back to Austin, I think of how it’s probably too risky, too full of unknown, not a “smart” move and that I (and my family) are not completely ready for this type of thing (again).

We’re playing hurt. We’re playing at a deficit. That’s okay. There’s no heuristic, no strategy. Only execution that matters. So, we go, and we’ll take some of our own metaphorical aspirin on the way.

We’ll do just fine. Actually, we will probably do great.

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