On Playing Up

My oldest was given the opportunity to “play up” a week ago for a weekend-long soccer tournament.

What this means is that she’s playing with girls that are a year older than her (she’s an '06 and she was playing with '05's).

And these girls are bigger, stronger, and faster in every way. That’s a good thing! I was given opportunities when I was younger to “play up” at times and although it was frightening and scary it gave me a chance at accelerating my rate of learning and gave me additional skills to work on.

But even more important was the fact that it gave me a much clearer picture of where I was headed, if I were to continue down this track.

I think this is probably the most important thing that it did for me as it expanded my worldview, my perspective, and gave me something to mentally think of and over as well as giving me a very usable short-term goal (or goal post).

Sometimes, all I want in life is the ability to know what’s around the very next corner, not what’s going to happen in 10 or 20 years… just tomorrow.

Her team managed to fight tough and keep it together for 5 games and hobbled across the finish line with a 1st Place finish – she didn’t get much playing time but she was able to contribute positively, which is all that they wanted and needed from her. She wasn’t satisfied with her performance, but, she’s almost never satisfied.

So proud of her!

A few more additional pictures of the weekend:

Everyone celebrated the win… with icecream!

I love hanging with these kids.

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