Become a Publisher Plus One

Anyone remember this basketball brand? Hah!

I’ve recently changed my universal stance on online publishing and blogging and my official position is to encourage every blogger to publish daily. I know this probably makes a number of people really nervous and that’s ok but it’s where I have decided to firmly plant my feet.

I mentioned this first during a Meetup and I’ve continued to share this perspective with anyone who asks me how they can improve – I ask them if they are publishing daily and then build a conversation from that point on.

But I’m going to up the ante, so to speak, this morning and go ahead and challenge everyone to go one step further and become a Publisher Plus One – that is, to publish once and to also do one thing to increase the effectiveness of their blog.

This might include one of the following:

The point is to begin to develop a pattern and rhythm of not just publishing content but enhancing the overall experience of your blog for your readers. Consider this like a daily checkup for your blog so that it’s running smoothly and at it’s best but also increasing it’s value (and perhaps profitability) every single day.

Developing this momentum will pay off in spades down the road. I can’t tell you how many bloggers I’ve met who haven’t updated anything on their blog for months (if not a year or so) and they wonder why they aren’t growing as fast as they think they should!

There is, of course, no guarantee that anything will actually help your blog traffic but I’m as close to 100% as possible when I say that I think it will. Investing in your blogging mechanics as a writer and as a property owner will have a return because you’re versing yourself with your system and platform better each and every day.

No one sees results when they first step in and out of a gym – it takes time and continual investment to see the long-term effects.

Become a Publisher Plus One today and commit to increasing your blog’s value daily. If blogging is part of your future and if you want it to become an ever-increasing part of that future then you have to start today.

A few banners for your use:

And for those interested, I simply used Myanmar MN as the font.