A Few Pics, A Few Thoughts About Plywood Presents 2011

I’ve had a blast so far at the conference and I really¬†want to thank all of you for your amazing and confidence-boosting suggestions about how to prepare for a public speaking presentation! You guys seriously rock!

In terms of my presentation I’ve gotten some really great and encouraging feedback, especially from those that are closest to me and who are willing to give me “straight talk” – I’m not a professional communicator nor do I want to be one but I desire to improve in everything that I do and I don’t necessarily mind being out of my comfort zone every once in a while!

A neat fact about this speaking engagement was that it was the first time my wife was able to hear me in person! She’s seen some recorded presentations but never one in the raw. Was pretty stoked to have her in the audience today – she is the best!

And thanks to everyone in the audience who put up with my quirkiness! What a great crowd and I was able to connect with a few familiar faces and many new ones! What a great conference and I loved the topic of Social Innovation – I’ve got a lot to think about and process over the next few days and weeks!

Here are a few candid shots I was able to take through the day. I’ll try to post a few more when I have a moment of downtime as well as my presentation!

Cheers! Hope your Thursday went really well and that you did a fantastic job of creating excellence right where you are – that’s all we can hope for at times!

Oh, and someone in the audience did a live sketch as their inspiration! Neato!

By Callahan McDonough

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