Point of Weakness


Project: XANGA

It is not a surprise to me that this picture makes me weep.  There is something so intimate about fellow brothers-in-arms.  When I see this picture, which is the Korean Memorial in South Korea, recently visited by my brother, I think of the many times where I am the staggering man, fallen, and in need of dire help, seeking the arms of one more powerful than myself.  I also fear that one day I might be the man giving the support, and in silent and quiet desperation, I will realize that I can offer no more help and support to the man in my arms than the ground beneath both our feet.  It is that reason why I’d rather be the wounded man, for not only is my need for encouragement and love so much greater than that of what I could give to another, it is simply, and honestly I would admit, the easier route…  I am not proud of this point of weakness, and I would argue that I do not have much choice in the matter, but hope, beyond hope, is mine to believe that with help, I can be the strong man, for others, and beyond.  The great bridge between the strong and the weak is Christ, in whom, I would submit, can we both be the weak and the strong.  An amazing combination.  But, Christ is beyond such matters and states, even though He comes to help those in both circumstances.  How powerful and awesome our God truly is.

One of the most discouraging things in the world is to have the person whom you believe in the most not believe in you at all…


Some more information about this monument:

The statue is a commemorization of two brothers, seperated by the war.  The supporting brother is from South Korea, and the North Korean is the one who is ‘in need’, who, after a long fought battle is finally united with his brother in tears.

The caption at the bottom of the monument talks about brothers and families fighting against each other in a war that was started not by Korea but by outside influences, influencing the leader of North Korea.

Brothers fighting brothers… 

Isn’t this one of the weapons that the Evil One implements?  He knows that the destruction of the Church, the body of believers is not outside, but within.  Death, persecution, and the sword have yet to destroy the power of the Gospel and in fact, has made the Spirit of the Lord grow in power all the more because of such things.  But, when death, persecution, and the sword come from within, that is where the havoc lies.  A house divided cannot stand.  A house divided cannot stand…