We’ve got a newborn (how long can I say that…? He’s 4 months old now…) and we’ve been trying to understand as much as we possibly can about the best ways to go about everything in terms of raising a child.

This is mostly due to the fact that it’s been a very long time since we’ve had one of these creatures and my wife and I have grown, evolved, and changed our perspectives on many things… most things, actually.

It’s not that we felt like we had all the answers with the first two (we didn’t… not even close) but we feel more informed and we’re trying our best to understand all of the options and opinions and perspectives that exist, especially when it comes to medical care and practices.

This is why I appreciate folks like anticancer mom who are sharing their stories and experiences with others as we do our own research and analysis.

Also, videos like this are helpful to add to our library of knowledge and scientific understanding of what’s happening with the medicine that we put into our bodies.

One of the things that Sue and I want to do is to not be too defensive or too close-minded about new findings and new perspectives that we may not have necessarily held in the past.

As humans evolve and the science that helps us all live longer evolves and changes we must also be willing to change as well. Otherwise we’d be stuck in the past and nothing good happens when you’re not living in the present.