Be a Polymath

I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more:

Polymaths see the world differently. They make connections that are otherwise ignored, and they have the advantage of a unique perspective.

In a world increasingly dominated by machines, I have a feeling that this approach is going to become increasingly valuable.

via Design Luck

This very closely ties to my thoughts on being an “N + 1” type of person:

So much of this is spot-on:

In fact, chances are that our current distinctions between disciplines will start to fade away and new ones will arise. Many of them will likely reside between areas that aren’t currently covered by specialization.

Traditionally, the idea of having a single career over the course of a life wasn’t unreasonable. The future, however, looks different. People will likely have multiple careers that differ significantly. Even if they don’t, we will see more and more project-based work, which will require similar skills.

In an ever-changing world, it pays to go wide, to have a broad perspective on things, to enjoy the process (and the results) of where curiosity may take you. I particularly index high on curiosity:

Besides, this is just how my brain works:

And it’s also how I’ve built a career (I guess…):

I think it’s worked out so far.

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