The Day That I Owned the Post Office

Took both counters. Whoops.

Took both counters. Whoops.

Some of you should be getting your packages this week as I sent them out Monday. This was a rough day for me in particular since I woke up that morning hoping to submit the App but realizing the Developer Site was still down (managed to pull it off yesterday!).

But then standing in line after a long weekend of packaging up Kickstarter rewards and then topping it off by commandeering my local Post Office was the last thing I needed. Why? Because I was almost turned away at the desk because of the amount of stuff that I had to ship!

It was a bit embarrassing to be honest. But, I promised to buy them lunch and they worked me in, doing 10-15 here and there and then taking a break for another customer.

Took nearly 2.5 hours. Yay...

Took nearly 2.5 hours. Yay…

After a long fight and $900 of shipping they were on their merry way!

Nearly $900 in shipping costs. Kill. Me. Now.

Nearly $900 in shipping costs. Kill. Me. Now.

So stoked that you could have them!

By the way, I still have a ton left over from Kickstarter Backers who have not paid for shipping:


Please pay for shipping!

This was Kickstarter’s system failure to notify the backers of shipping costs even though it was mentioned in each reward level. Sad panda. If you’d like to pay for shipping then you can send it ($9) either to me via Paypal (email: or Stripe (

Thanks! I’d love to send all of this swag soon!