Now that we’ve moved into our new home (you can see the vlog from that here) the real work begins.

… not really, but, I felt compelled to say that.

One of the most important things, for me, in terms of productivity is access to power. Specifically, I want to have power cables for my notebook computer and my iPhone everywhere around the house.

Doing this enables me to literally sit down anywhere in the environment and bang out work without worrying about not having enough juice.

Because I frequently like to change locations I don’t want to have to carry any cabling with me. I share a few thoughts about that here:

The same goes for a robust wifi connection which I’ve accomplished recently with the new Eero System¬†and I’ve purchased two more beacons to ensure global coverage (we now have 2 floors to cover).

Excited to really move in and get settled.

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