The Power of Words [Video]

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This fascinating video captured my attention yesterday as I watched it – I knew there had to be a neat ending to it and there certainly was!

Take a look and be reminded that the words that you write every single day have the power to change someone’s life in the most significant of ways!

The neat thing is that we often don’t hear about the amount of change that our words create and that’s probably a good thing to keep our pride in check.

But, it’s always encouraging now and then to hear a few tidbits from your community – so why don’t you be that one today? Send an email, tweet, or even write a post thanking someone that has impacted you greatly with their words. Let them know that you consider them to be someone special and of significance and encourage them to keep it up!

Love you guys and the community we are building here. I read every single comment and take your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions seriously as if they were my own!