Pinpoint HQ Slack Community

A short but quick update today folks!

Just wanted to share with you the “soft launch” of a small Slack Community that we’re putting together to congregate folks within our community.

We first shared this via our #EngOps Newsletter this morning (are you subscribed?!) and it’s been a pleasure to see folks jump right in even as we’re building it in near real-time.

Our hope is to use this channel as a means of connecting directly with our community, pure and simple.

Small beginnings…

For now, we’ve got channels related to the Product and Support but those won’t be filled out for some time until we have a more public-facing product (if you’re interested in getting on a list of early testers, you can always do that here).

I think the more interesting channels right now will be #your-projects and the #introduce-yourself section! I can’t wait to meet more of you and learn about all the cool stuff you’re building.

So, hop on over (it’s easy to sign-up) and join us!

Oh, and for those interested, I looked at a number of different systems to create this Slack-centric community site and landed on which seems to be doing just fine for allowing folks to invite themselves to the group.

I had considered rolling my own registration system as well but there were a few other options readily available and I didn’t want to waste anytime getting things setup. Like most things, this will be an experiment as we see how the system responds and if we need to punt to something else we will.

Let me know if there’s any “wonkiness” with it and I’ll jump right on it.