Praxis Accelerator: Redemptive Entrepreneurship

I shared something a few weeks ago on my vlog that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share publicly, mostly because there was a good chance that it wouldn’t work out.

But, that’s not really my style, so, I did anyways and if I didn’t get in, well, such is life! No big deal.

Welp… that’s not what happened! Things actually worked out and I was told sometime last week that I had gotten into the Praxis Accelerator which is a slightly different take on an “business accelerator,” if you will.

There are definitely a few high-level things of note that put distance between Praxis and other, more well-known programs like YCombinator (I’m an alum and YC Partners are investors in my startup) but the most significant one is the fact that faith is a foundational element.

Redemptive Framework

More specifically, participants in the program must profess their love of Christ and their belief in the power of The Gospel:

We  ask all applicants to affirm the Apostle‚Äôs Creed. We require this because we set out to create an environment where mentors and Fellows operate from the same base of beliefs, encouraging a rich conversation around the expression of faith in work.

We do not have a denominational affiliation.

via Praxis FAQ

Clearly, this program isn’t for everyone! The self-selection is easy here folks! But, you don’t have to have a “christian business” or a religious company or startup (**whew).

Okay… So… What the Hell? Why?

Yup, great question. There are a ton of natural benefits of joining any accelerator, not just Praxis, but, there are two main reasons why I decided to commit to the year-long program:

  1. Relationships, All The Things: If there is one thing that I know more than anything else in my short-yet-exciting career, it’s this: My relational network is the most important asset and currency that I’ll ever have, full stop. Consequently, Praxis specifically gives me access to an amazing network of talented folks that I would not otherwise have (direct and immediate) access to. That’s worth the price of admission alone!
  2. Two Is Better Than One: Praxis allows an additional founder or founding team member to join as well and that’s what I’ve opted to do, thanks to a great suggestion by one of my cofounders! James Kim and I will level-up together and I couldn’t be more excited to partner with him on this glorious quest! The investment will pay itself in spades.

The out-of-pocket cost is $11k ($8k for me and an additional $3k for James) and our first gathering is in a few months.

Praxis as a Creative Engine.

As I am wont to do, I will definitely be writing and probably do a vlog (or two) of the experience over the coming year and anything I learn I’ll try to export out to my readers here.

This year is already looking to be the best year ever! Can’t wait to get this particular part started!