Prayer List Done

Prayer List done…

Hey guys. Just an updated prayer list.  And, guess what, it IS updated.  2 people actually emailed me about prayers that they need and one prayer was answered.  Booya!  God is awesome. God is awesome. God is awesome.  That’s just…  well, awesome.  Here it is.

Prayer List as of:     5.14.03 —  Su Kim, Todd Bolton, John Saddington, John Yoon – Mission trips.—  The new Duluth Church and our purpose and focus there.  May we be a light to others and not boastful in our new facilities.—  Leaders of ACG and their preparation for the leadership.  This includes…
            andrew chun
            binna yi
            helen yi
            john saddington
            su kim
            su hong
            teaha kim —  Relationships between brothers and sisters.  There are some dating relationships as well. —  Summer plans, whether it is school, work, or whatever.  May we Glorify God thru all that we do. —  Esther Kim – Change.  That the continuous cycles in her life aren’t repeated and that God steps in and breaks them.  I think we all have difficulties with this, and the ‘cycle of sin’ as its called.  Thanks Esther for bringing it up. —  A friend of mine is having difficulty in a relationship.  Not sure how to handle the situation.  Pray that God will be the answer.

Alright, that’s it for now.  Till next week… And, hopefully, I’ll be able to get something out to you next week…  because, I’m leaving tomorrow.  Have a great one guys.  Be faithful to the Lord, cause, He’s ALWAYS faithful to you.

A fellow traveler,

and Tim’s D…


I had an interesting day. Maybe it was good I didn’t drive, I did have a back tail light out.. but I dunno.. I felt kinda deprived.. :) But. I gotta respect your will. But you gave me an aweosme time driving for .. 30 min… prehistoric Vinings, GA. Nice.. I’ll be spending a lot of time there… Anyway.

I was searching through to see what I should meditate on today.. and I turn to Daniel 2; Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. His first one, atleast. Bascially, the king had a dream, and Daniel intrepreted it. It was about a statue; head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thigs of bronze, and leags of iron, and feet of iron and baked clay. Then a rock destroyed each metal, and the rock became a moutain that filled the whole earth…

Each “level” of the body was a symbol of the kingdoms to come.. and basically nothign would last.. except the rock, which came and destroyed everything.. The rock .. which was God.. It would crush all the kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will endure forever(44).

How awesome is that. Couple things.. 1) God predicted what would happen to the following kindgoms to come… 2) God predicted this thorough a dream… 3) God will reign on high in the end, and 4) God gave Daniel a gift to interpt the dream…

1, 3) All the kingdoms will fall at the feet and mercy of God.. nothing will last except for Him
2) God knows, I have had some bizzare dreams (and John) and some are just so weird.. but He told what would happen through a Dream.. a dream.. how many dreams have i had that i’ve never remembered (like this king) .. or dreams that i could never fully comprehend.. God truly works in mysterious, different ways.
4) Daniel is an awesome man. I can only beg for his courage and dedication for the Lord.. i have so much to learn.

i have so much to learn.

john. god speed. just read my letter tommrrow. :)

ur humble servant.

Tim Da-IL Hur

Dang, I’ve got a lot done.  finished organizing the checks… and got some stuff settled…

and, now, all I gotta do is go thru some music to put on my mp3… and that’s about it.