Predisposed for That

This thing is massive! What a trip.

I love learning about technologies and systems that I’ll never experience, first-hand. I thought the perspective of “time” at the North Pole was the most fascinating though. I particularly like these thoughts:

What’s magical in this place for me personally is that you exist here within one dimension with the world around. You encase time with the rhythms of all the people. All your close ones, friends, relatives who are scattered in different parts of the world. Nevertheless in this place it’s as if you are in one dimension with them all.

It’s necessary for a person to have some alone time, so one could look at how he lived, what he’s done, was it right or wrong. This place is predisposed for that.

Maybe we all need our own “Atomic Icebreakers” in life so that we can gain perspective, clarity, and alignment. I’m doing that a bit myself.

We don’t often consider how important it is to just get away, breath deeply the freshness of life and think upon how we are to rightly engage and pursue all that life has to offer.