Pressgram v2.0 Tips

With Pressgram v2.0 now in the wild, we thought that it’d be nice to have a library of tips for Pressgrammers . In time this list will grow with gifs, videos, screenshots, and text, so add to it by using #pgv2tips, then tweet to @Pressgram or @DiscoverPress on Twitter. Remember to put a period at the front of your @(mention) tweet, like Zoe, if you want to have the tweet seen by your followers.



Check out this tip on how J.C Thompson is using Pressgram and the Pressgram WordPress Plugin to publish photos to his site.

Simply swipe from right-to-left to delete drafts!

Edit, delete, or re-take an image by swiping the image that you’ve taken to open up a new menu!


It’s not too hard to set default Tags and Categories for your blog posts! Just head to settings and then choose the blog that you’d like to set.


More to come!