Worth the Price of Admission

I happened to watch John Orozco last night as the US Team worked their way to an incredibly disappointing 5th place finish in the Gymnastic Team event. Orozco, an incredible gymnast and considered to be one of the best in the world tanked on two events, back-to-back, that put the team way beyond any medal.

I watched with my wife as tears formed in his eyes for the world to see – it hurt deeply and I, in a very limited way, could understand what it was like.

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to let someone down, or perhaps even a team. Most of us will never feel the pressure like Orozco as he carried the weight of an entire nation competing at the very highest levels of his craft. But, we have felt (and will feel) just as poignantly the disappointment of failure when it has arrived on our front door.

I then happened upon this video this morning, embedded above, that features John to a tune about being a “fighter.” How perfect is that?


Time to get up. Again.

I believe that John Orozco is a fighter and one of the very best kind. We will never know what it took to make it to this level of competition and will know just as much as the sacrifice that he has made as well as his family.

Fighter’s fight because they believe that the sacrifice is worth the price of admission, not the price of a win. The more and more time I spend writing (and not giving up) and the more time I spend living in startup world I realize this to be absolutely true.

There are no guarantees for any of us to come out on “top.” I’m not even sure what “top” is anymore. But to be a part of it is worth the sacrifice and work with those that have committed to the same ideal is what it’s all about.

We hope for big “wins” and the breaks do come, occasionally, not nearly as often as we’d like. And, you don’t have to be part of a “startup” business to understand this dynamic either.

You are part of many startups – you may never have thought it that way. Every idea that you begin to execute, every relationship you begin to explore or build or grow is a startup. You have committed to the price of admission but with very few details about the end-game.

Don’t stop fighting. Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop sharing yourself with others. Fail and then get back up.