Priorities When Hiring (or Being Hired)


We’re all looking for the best people to hire and those that are looking are typically looking for the best places to work (although it seems that many of us settle far too easily…).

Have you noticed that the qualities that you may find on paper all seem to say the same thing, right? I mean, you’re looking to hire someone who works hard, is “passionate” about what you’re building and creating, and someone who “works well with others.”

I mean, all of those things come standard and yet there is so much obvious dysfunction in both the small and the large-scale organization. It’s not about the list of priorities or what he or she can “bring to the table” – those things are a given.

Rather, the organizational fit and cultural alignment is where the real magic happens (and where great work is really done). I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the merits of skill and how that plays well with character and integrity, like real quality character, which is super-hard to find.

I’m realizing more and more (and am being reminded more often) that it matters more about who you work with than what you’re working on. The latter can be made or be broken depending on the former. I know this far too well and yet I can still make mistakes.

And it’s never really about money either.