Private, Ephemeral, Limited Rooms

One of the more exciting experiences that we’re building into our platform is giving creators power-tools like private and ephemeral rooms for their community members to hang out in, enjoy, and appreciate for a limited amount of time.

In addition, adding the ability to have a “hard cap” or limit on the number of participants in any given room is another bespoke customization that we enable for our community and business-builders. Take a look at what we’ve enabled just this past week:

Above you can see the new workflow for adding new members into a Private Room or Group Message and below you can see how easily it is to actually do this:

There are too many ways that our yenizens will be able to mix-and-match with private, public, and paid ($$$) rooms; the options are nearly endless as you begin to think creatively about permanent and ephemeral rooms and communities:

[This post was originally published on Indie Hackers.]