Before You’re a ProBlogger You’re a TentBlogger

One of the neat things about our community here at TentBlogger is that we have an extended worldwide family of bloggers who do not yet know that they are actually TentBloggers in the making!

You see, there’s a wide range of bloggers that are, in fact, TentBloggers (and I’ve listed out a few elements that help you know if you are one) and the moment you start thinking about monetizing your blog or using it as a vehicle to support yourself or your business financially you become a TentBlogger.

And, of course, if you’re on your way to becoming a ProBlogger then you’re a TentBlogger Pro (or Pro TentBlogger?)!

I think we can do a better job of promoting the lifestyle, the art, and the science of being a TentBlogger since more and more people are moving into this arena – and the more that join our ranks (or realize that they share community here) the more resources we have as a group to leverage and enjoy!

So when did you realize that you were a TentBlogger? How are you promoting the TentBlogger lifestyle and method?


I think some better community development might be in order – and I’m open to some suggestions by you guys! I want to help people get closer to their dreams of having their blogs be a large and significant part of what they do online and profiting wisely and well (if they want to).

I loved being a TentBlogger and I still love being a (Pro) TentBlogger! I love this community and I want to expand it as big and as wide as possible – and I need your help!

Hope today is going really well for you guys! Blog it up and don’t quit! The world needs the content that you’re producing so don’t cut yourself short! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys online.

[This is part of the Escaping the 9-5: My Road to ProBlogging series.]