A Professional Blogger’s Home Office – Part 6 – Standing Desks Hurt My Feet!

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[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]

(Sorry for the low volume – baby was sleeping!)

Wow. My feet seriously hurt!

As I shared in the video I’ve been trying a Standing Desk for more than three weeks (it’s actually closer to a month now) and my feet have not gotten used to standing for such long periods of time as I had hoped.

I’ve done a five to six hour stretch before (with breaks) but I’ve paid for it later that evening. I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong – is it my mat? Is it my posture? Am I not taking enough breaks?

I’d love your thoughts, especially for those that have successfully made the move to a Standing Desk!

Much cleaner now... but still very temporary.

I’ve also been able to clear out most of the area to temporarily house my work as the rest of the house comes together.

Sadly, it would seem that fate has yet to bless me with both the time and finances to craft my home office with speed – we’ve had to redo the plumbing and water system, install copper gutters (the copper increased the contract work 1,000%!), redo insulation in the top and bottom of the house, and even fix half the home’s electrical outlets (not grounded):

Bummer. Of course it wasn’t a “quick” fix and we had to pull new wiring everywhere. And those issues are just half of what I’m slowly working through in terms of home improvements.

It is what it is!

But, I have been able to carve out a little office and it’ll do just fine – sometimes we have to manage our limited spaces as well as we can and make a “home” where we are, regardless of the circumstances, right?

My buddies are now positioned over me so as to inspire my writing efforts:


I’ll take accountability wherever I can!

Have a great week of writing everyone!

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]