A Professional Blogger’s Home Office – Part 7 – It’s the Small Things…

This is a brief update of the slow (but sure) progress of my professional blogger’s home office.

It’s the small things that sometimes matter the most, right? Spent all this morning without the luxury of the internet buzzing through my devices while I had a technician “ground” my outlets in the home office area.

Sure, it’s not a significant cosmetic change by any stretch but it sure will make a difference as I will have less of an opportunity for my appliances (and my beloved Macbook Air) to catch fire because of all the power being requested out of the ungrounded and very old units!

I was very apologetic as I hadn’t actually cleaned up the space before he had to work – he did an incredible job of re-pulling wire, replacing whatever you have to replace, and fixing tons of stuff in the crawlspace below the house to get stuff to be “up to code.”


The result of all that intense and difficult (6 hours of labor) work? This:

Wow. Really? Yup.

It’s the small (and sometimes costly) things that count, right? In the end he grounded 15 or so outlets, half of which are in the rooms that will eventually become the ultimate blogging office.

I think there’s an application here for us as bloggers. Sometimes is the small yet time-intensive elements of managing and curating our blogs that have the most impact. For example, fixing your broken 404 links doesn’t appear to have much affect but we know that it will – a significant impact actually.

Even taking the time to reduce the complexity of your bl0g and removing elements might actually have a more of an impact than adding that new plugin that you’ve been dying to try.

It takes discipline, hard work, and commitment to do the small things that are required to take your blog to the next level – but if you do them you’ll reap the rewards of your effort.

Of course, just make sure you have the right tools to do so, right? Just like the electrician came prepared to serve me and my electrical challenges you must be prepared always for the big and the small blogging challenges that you face every single day.

You can do it – I believe in you!

Monday started off a bit rough for me, how about you? What’s is going to take to jump back on the right track?