A Professional Blogger’s Home Office – Part 8 – Power Cords

[This is another small update on my Problogger Home Office series.]

Bloggers need power. Well, I take that back; if you have a Macbook Air then you won’t need so much because of the unbelievable battery life, but generally you will need power, especially power that is readily available.

Pictured above is just a handful of the power cords that litter my office and my entire home. I have at least 2 in every room and about 11 or 12 of them in total.

Why? Because I like to move around a lot! Sure, I’m trying this ‘standing desk’ thing but I really enjoy changing my environment up often during the day which might mean that I’ll spend the early morning standing at a desk, the mid to late-morning on my sofa, and then the afternoon in a chair at my family’s table.

Regardless of where I am I love it when I sit down and find a power cord easily within reach. You see, I want to make sure that I have power that’s ready to be jacked in at a moments notice without having to fumble to find a socket or doing the plug-unplug dance.

This is just one of the many features of my home office that I’d like to take to the “next level” – I want to see if it’s possible to seamlessly integrate power cords (for both Mac and Windows-based machines) into the floor, walls, and even the ceiling perhaps.

When I lived in Japan I can remember one of the neatest things was that the gas stations had their pumps attached to the ceiling of the station so that cars could access the pumps from any angle and from nearly any location.

It was pretty sweet!

I’d love to do something similar with power cords where they are always available, on-demand, from any location.

Why not, right? Until they invent some seriously-cool wireless power station for laptops this will probably have to do.

A bit more clean now...

How about you? Have any creative methods for power management and creating an on-demand supply to your systems?

[This is another small update on my Problogger Home Office series.]