A Professional Blogger’s Home Office – Part 1 – A Mess!

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***Update – This post has become a Series! Check out the Table of Contents at the very end of the post!***

As you can see my Home Office is in a state of utter chaos but that’s where it has to start, right? Heck, we moved in yesterday! But it’s not stopping me from being super-excited about the the opportunity to craft a unique writing and blogging environment that’s just perfect for the professional blogger.

In fact, this will be the first time that I specifically design the office around the unique needs of a blogger – my previous home offices were made for managing corporate jobs and were stuffy and very “typical” in their approach.

Here’s a look at how it was when my wife and I first took a look at the house before we made the buy:

Not too bad looking, right? It’s the first room in the house and it has some neat shelves to each side of the functional fireplace. A few nice leather chairs complement the overall decor quite nicely!

But I can guarantee you that it won’t look like this when I’m done with it!

Dream With Me!

I’d love for your advice! This blog was built upon the back of the community and I’d love for your feedback, thoughts, and ideas on what to include in this Problogger Office! I’ll take any suggestion at this point in time:

  • Desk? No desk?
  • Accompanying furniture, other neat stuff
  • Anything flora-related?
  • Tools, other gadgets
  • Computer setups

As I mentioned in the video to the left (from the view of the above picture) is a family room and the front entrance is also to the right. I’ll have to consider these things as well as I build it out. We’ve got some original french doors (home was built in 1925!) which we’d love to restore perhaps.

If you’ve got links to examples, products, and anything else I’ll take them! I’m excited to get started but I’m going to need your help!

Follow The Build Out!

It’s become quite apparent that this is creating a neat series of posts and more than a few of you have asked that I create a table of contents so someone could track through them from start to finish. Great ideas guys!

So, here it is:

Thanks all!