Professional Video Game Player

This was a dream of mine, at one point, but, the reality is that I’m not that amazing at video games and broadcasting while playing isn’t something that I’m interested in.

But, there was a time when I thought being in the video game industry full-time would be where I’d eventually end up and where I thought I’d be the most happy.

This was entirely do to the fact that video games is the thing that got me into software programming – I just wanted to build things that I could play myself and through creating my own mini-games to modifying maps for my friends, I believed the industry had a spot for me.

It wasn’t that I grew up and grew out of it; I just realized that to make it work would require a different type of person, someone that wasn’t me.

So, I won’t be getting rich playing video games. Not today or ever… and I’m really happy about that. Video games has a specific spot in my heart and on my calendar that’s fluid and fair.

More importantly, though, at least from a professional perspective, I’m really glad that I don’t bank on my gaming skills to earn an income… because I’d be dead-broke.

Now… if I could only find some time for the new Call of Duty that I pre-ordered months ago and came out last week…

[Funny: My dad sent me the New Yorker article.]

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