Programming Hope

A movie, a movement, and opportunity. Dan Selec, a pilot, race car driver, and technology expert decided to do something about the employment crisis for those that autistic.

Inspired by his son he decided to explore the idea of teaching technology to adults on the spectrum. What if they could design and develop video games and use those skills to build businesses that could one day employ them?

After having a personal phone conversation with Dan I’m even more excited about what he and his team are putting together.

Naturally, what he is doing is especially poignant and personal for me as I, myself, have been able to not only find a way to create value for others but also for myself and my family despite my so-called disability.

Though, I’ll be honest, I struggle to consider it a disability or even a liability at times. It’s been a great gift to me. Sure, there are a lot of things that aren’t easy nor pleasant, but, even neurotypicals have those types of issues; mine are just different in nature, scope, and intensity.

But the upside… oh, the upside! It’s been great and technology, education, and software programming have been the glorious outcause. Being an entrepreneur and building things that people want and need and love to use – pleasures indescribable.

I can’t wait to see where they head next and how they scale and grow. What a meaningful way to invest one’s life.