Project Reduction

Since I started working professionally I’ve always had a few “irons in the fire,” a few things and minor projects that I’d be working on in addition to some full-time work.

And I’m a huge fan of side projects and how they can be very personally rewarding and rejuvenating. But, over time, I’ve noticed a decline, a growing disinterest perhaps with anything other than my “main” project.

It’s never been as apparent than right now while working on Eve. My wife and I were talking through this the past week and we both realized that the number of projects outside of building the company were practically non-existent.

This hit me when I finally handed the reins of a small website for a family member to a local design and development shop this past week; a small WordPress site for his law practice.

And that was that; I no longer had any financial obligations to anyone or any entity and it felt strange… it felt good. It’s not that my cousin’s website had actually required much work (a few hours per month… maybe…) but the mental overhead was much more palpable, tangible.

And now it was all gone. Pretty nuts. For someone who had, at one point, 4 or 5 different (yet significant) projects in flight at the same time, the reduction to one is immense. My ability to think more deeply and more critically about the one major project has already been awarded.

Everyone is built different and so there are some people that can continue to create excellence across a number of different projects all at the same time – I used to want to be like that but now I’m much more comfortable doing what I’m supposed to be doing (and not ashamed of it).

I am evolving (and more open to it than ever before) and I wonder if many of us (myself included) have been trying too hard to be someone that we’re not.

I think I’m growing up.