What is Your Blog’s Promise?

What is your blog's promise? Are you keeping it?

One of the strongest branding strategies that you can begin to craft from day 1 for your blog is to clearly define the promise(s) that your blog will not only keep but also perform against day in and day out.

Some call may call this a “Mission Statement” and I like those too but I like even more the idea of your brand providing a promise to your community and readers. I like it because it feels more personal, approachable, and sometimes just a bit more “real.”

It also brings a level of commitment up a notch, right? If you’re going to promise to do something then you’d better deliver or else face the consequences! I like raising the stakes and I think most communities appreciate it. It’s like saying:

I promise you, the reader, that I’ll do ________ because I appreciate you being here. Let me earn your return visit by making good on this promise!

I like that, a lot!

So what does a blog promise look like? What is it really? Nothing too hard, 2 things really:

  1. It simply states what your blog does.
  2. It communicates expectation.

Here’s my blog promise:

TentBlogger is all about excellence in blogging: Strategy, tools, and how to practically execute and generate amazing blog content.

You see, aside from the random post here and there this is what I do and this is what this blog does, day in and day out! My promise (and my blog’s promise) is that every single post has that goal in mind. The reader and community will come to expect it and hold me to that promise as time progresses!

You see, I promise that I’ll share with you everything that I know about those things and I won’t hold anything back! I particularly like the well-known quote by Joseph Badaracco, professor at Harvard Business School, who once said:

In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it.

This is all about influence and building it up!

So, what’s your blog’s promise? Love to hear it, or better yet, blog it and share with me a link!

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]