Protecting My Mornings

I am incredibly protective of my mornings – this is an uncompromising part of my day where I find I am the most productive. I once plotted this out as you can see here. This has slightly changed now that I’m spending more of my time in my work office instead of my home office, but it is essentially the same.

In a not-so-strange way I demand absolute authority in this space and time to do as I please – whether that’s writing content, listening to a podcast or viewing a must see video, or relaxing. I may even schedule an early morning meeting too. Heck, I might do all of these things at the exact same time.

Whatever it is this is also the worst time to interrupt me – I’m the most volatile and most sensitive at this point in the day as I hold this morning period sacred. A few people have experienced my wrath and it’s not a pretty picture. I can’t say that this is “right” but it is what it is.

In many ways this morning time and the overly-protective attitude that I have around it is warranted – I do my best work in the early mornings and it all seems to go downhill from there.

What’s interesting to notice is that it’s getting harder and more difficult to change as I get older. I suppose I’m now seeing that the timeless truth about “old habits die hard” or the nuances of change being harder as you get older are actually coming true.

There’s safety and security in the routine. There’s a knowing that helps facilitate thought fluidly. I like my mornings. I like it when it’s quiet and I can hear myself think – which is still very chaotic considering the thousands of things that I’m thinking about all at the same time. I often wonder how I accomplish anything.