Public Speaking and Your Career

This is a neat infographic:


A few good reminders too.

I began taking my public speaking seriously after a coach and mentor of mine suggested that I actually take it seriously. He also shared with me how it could actually help my career.

I know that sounds terribly obvious but at the time I didn’t actually see it connected in any direct or meaningful way. I just thought it was something that people did and that the audience was there because they had to be (all-hands meetings are large Fortune companies are very much like this).

But learning to become a better public speaker has not only helped my career but it has directly contributed to my level of confidence in my own skills. My increased ability to communicate effectively was directly related to my confidence and vice versa.

It also showed me how awkward my own body could be when I wasn’t actually thinking about controlling it. I like to gesticulate, scratch myself consistently, and even clench my fingers in somewhat strange ways. All of these realities weren’t even on my radar until I actually intentionally practiced.

Not everyone should become a professional public speaker (another “duh”) but everyone should find time to intentionally get in front of others (one-to-many type scenario) and practice their pacing, their storytelling, their ability to convey facts with emotion, and even tactical and planned breathing.

And, I’m still practicing. Here are a few shots at a recent keynote:

Who knew that public speaking and learning more about your body could so directly impact your career?

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