Must… Hit… Publish…

Feeling defeated.

I’ve got nothing.

It’s 11:42pm, only a few minutes until the end of the day.

I’ve spent the entire day drafting, writing, brainstorming, researching – but not publishing.

And I’m not un-motivated. How do I know? Because I tried my own suggestions about how to get motivated and they worked! I’m really motivated to hit that darn publish button but I simply couldn’t.

There are simply some days where I can’t get myself to publish anything. Heck, this post right here is a desperate attempt to publish at least something today.

Ah. It’s going to feel so nice to hit that blue Publish button in just a moment.

I know it’s ok if I don’t publish every single day but I’m still human, ok? I made it a personal goal to publish at least once a day for the first year of this blog. I cannot let one measly Saturday in the month of April mess me up! I will not let that happen!

Argh! Attack the blue Publish button!

… There. I did it. Thank goodness.

Have you ever felt like this?

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