Publishing to Multiple Blogs

I’ve encountered a small snag last night that caused me to pause for a bit as I tried to figure out a solution that would make the most sense for version 1.0 of our app.

The issue came about as I started working on the actual publishing area of the application, the moment after processing the image via filters and you’re working on adding the title, tags, categories and the like.

I realized that the fluidity of the user experience really snagged if you had multiple blogs set up in the app as you tried to pull category listings into the drop down.

Either you would have to set a primary blog in the settings and then switch per image, which would suck in terms of speed or you would have to choose it at the post level which would require a pull on the database and your own server to pull those categories in at the point of run-time.

Both of these scenarios just wouldn’t work for me as the point of publishing is both quality and speedespecially with something like this application.

So I fumbled over this for quite some time. There had to be a better way so that you could publish to multiple blogs as I feel that would not only increase the sharing value but also the overall value of the app itself.

What I came up with I believe is a decent solution – instead of cutting out multiple blogs and instead of requesting more information at run-time for categories, I’m going to allow you to insert the category in the form itself, just as you would as you add tags to the image.

Any blog that you have connected to the application would then receive this image. I’m going to continue to look into this implementation but I believe it gives the user the maximum amount of freedom.

If the user doesn’t choose a category it’ll post to a “Pressgram” category.


Actually, this has proven to be even more difficult in terms of other dependencies. I may have to scrap multiple blogs for now.