Publishing, Trust, and Our Joy

We take our craft very seriously – and yesterday was a great example of that as our entire team sat in front of the new iteration of our product and scrutinized every single pixel, from the inside to the outside, and found that we couldn’t compromise any of them.

This is not a matter of “getting things out the door” or “shipping” but rather an intensely-deep love for our products (and our customers who will use it). We want to spend the laborious time sweating the small stuff so that they don’t have to – and so that they get to enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed making it a reality.

I think this is always true of those that see themselves as craftsmen – their joy is made complete as they see people touch, feel, and engage with their work, even if most will never completely appreciate the artistry and sweat that went into it.

Although our product is for the publisher, the ones that spend hours daily communicating words that change the lives of their customers and the direction of their organizations. Our joy is the publisher’s freedom to create and publish on an unparalleled canvas that combines simplicity with excellence.

Most publishers will never see the work that was put into the development of our products  (oh, it’s so much more than just “code”) but their ignorance is our satisfaction as we want them to trust us completely with our product. This level of trust between the publisher and theme developer hasn’t been exhausted by us, yet.

And we’re looking at reworking this entire philosophy this year. You trust us with your written words and by extension your business – we want to expand that trust from A to Z. I can’t wait for you to see it.