Pumpkin Carving is a Lesson on Humility


I’m pretty sure that pumpkin carving was designed to test the patience of all adults, especially male.

Or maybe that’s just me – maybe I’m the only one that spends 2 hours trying to print out the right sized template, cleaning, cutting, poking, and breaking small child-sized equipment that’s supposed to be used by full-sized adults.

Only to come away with something that somewhat resembles the original design and for your 6-year old daughter to take 100% of the credit when you did nearly 100% of the work.



I call my creation ZOMBIE ARIEL since it looks a bit like Ariel the Little Mermaid but only that she died and was resurrected out of pumpkin goop.

Although Roenne calls her the prettiest pumpkin she’s ever seen – ah, that makes it all worth it.

Ok, time to do 2 more of these things…