The problem with pundits is that they are everywhere and there is no possible way to ever silence them. They are like eternal scabs that you can pick and flick off at times but they will come back or be replaced by another even more horrid one.

The only choice that you have is to ignore these “talking heads” who appear to have a vast wealth of information and knowledge about your industry and sector but who have not actually done much, if anything, to justify their positions within a bogus cultural hierarchy.

It is just that, an appearance, a grande ruse, a facade of sorts that is masked by an incessant drip from their thoughts and through their mouths and out into your Facebook or Twitter stream. They have built an empire of sand, fair-weather acolytes, and provide little to no serious value to most people.

You may try to quiet them but again, it is woefully impossible. Like a picked scab the only person that suffers is yourself as if you entertain, for a brief moment, the possibility that they are finally gone only to find an open wound and eventual scar left over.

But the worst outcause is that you may eventually begin to despise them in your heart, their very existence a stain in your conscience, a thorn in your mental side.

This is what I hate the most about pundits – it’s not just their disruption of my productivity but also the affect it has on my thinking as it relates to the pundits themselves. It creates distance between people instead of bringing them together.

The best thing to do is just ignore them. Unfortunately it won’t silence them but at least you’ll be doing something that matters. Besides, you have real work to do, right?