A Little, Precious Leg Cast in Purple


A sad reality. A “spiral” break from her ankle up to that jut.

I wanted to capture this because it was a definite “Family First” and it captures pretty perfectly what’s happening at a meta level for our family at large.

We are definitely in a state of flux and many things have changed over the course of the first-half of this year and many times I’ve just thought to myself how broken things are and how desperately I’d love them to be fixed.

And I am incredibly impatient when it comes to finding solutions to problems and I hate waiting. At least 4 weeks for a cast? Really?! It’s as if the body can’t heal itself fast enough for me!

It’s silly, of course, as I’m willing to wait all the time required for my little girl’s leg to heal properly but it is tough. And like life sometimes we must wait for the solutions to reveal themselves so that we might adequately engage with them at the appropriate time.


This past Sunday Arden took a dive off our zip line in the backyard. Her older sister admittedly played a part in the break since she “moved too fast” when helping pull her down the line. I hope Roenne doesn’t take it too personally since it was an honest mistake.

We took her to get an X-ray and she was a champ throughout. Within an hour we had discovered the break and a fiberglass cast was set. She complied but made many cute faces throughout:

I was able to capture a few moments that were really haunting as a parent:

There’s nothing more scary than seeing your children go through pain and not being able to comfort them or provide an easy and obvious solution. You… just… get… to… watch… … that’s all.

I thank God for her iPod as it was a perfect distraction throughout the entire process:

She choose the color purple which I thought was the perfect choice since it’s Easter Week! I thought heavily about the many things in our world and in our very lives that are entirely broken and that need a serious “fix,” if you will.

And then we went home. A new friend, Mrs. Sarah, dropped off a lovely care package with crafts and even some “Monster Socks” that she could put over her cast:

I’m so glad I had come back – I was planning on being in Texas for 4 days but I would have missed all of this if I had stayed. I’m quite thankful for my team and their obvious understanding.

During this particular season I am challenged to think of things way beyond myself and the much greater questions surrounding family, life, and purpose. I will never forget this season and I will never forget Arden’s little, precious leg cast in purple.