What is Your Quest?

Wisdom really does come with age – I believe this to be true more and more as I intentionally spend time with people that are much older and more experienced than myself. There are things which simply can’t be taught or earned outside of age.

I was speaking with an older couple, cousins of my parents and whom my father grew up with when he was younger, about a few things that I’ve been up to since we had last seen each other which was a few years ago. I gave them a run-down of the things that I was involved in and the projects that I have in the pipe.

There was little reaction or noted enthusiasm that emanated from them – just a bit of a puzzled look. The gentleman looked at me and simply asked:

Son, it seems like you’re on a journey, a quest.

My face apparently revealed that I was a bit confused by the statement so he followed up without skipping a beat:

Where are you headed? Where are you going?

I thought I had shared those things so I somewhat repeated myself and shared the same facts and tidbits as I had a few moments ago. I obviously didn’t get it:

No, no, no. What are you trying to accomplish? Really? What is it that you were destined to do that no one else has done or will ever do? What the unique quest that’s been put before you that only you can fulfill?

I had no adequate words or response – I pondered that for quite a while and even late into the evening. I think this question has been haunting me my entire life and I have no more clarity since I first encountered it many, many years ago.

It was refreshing to be asked so plainly the question as well as incredibly disconcerting. My brain and my mouth had no answer for the man. What I felt wasn’t shame or guilt of not knowing but rather a long internal drawn out sigh, as if my soul longed to know the answer as well.

What is my quest? What is yours?

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