3 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Business Blog

Follow the... leader?

One of the things that we need to engage with early on in the conversation about corporate and business blogging is whether the organization really needs one – not all blogs are incredibly beneficial especially if the business needs to spend time in other areas of growth.

Although there are tons of things to consider as you venture into this wide-world of blogging here are three questions that can help position you for the more specific questions down the line – in fact, answering these questions honestly could save you time, money, and significant other resources.

I hope they help – remember, there’s no pressure to start a blog for your business and just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that you necessarily should.

Check these out:

1. Internal Needs vs External Circumstances

Are you consider blogging because you have internal core business needs that should be met or because of some external circumstances that cropped up that are pressuring you to pull the trigger? Consider the following:

  • Did your competition launch a blog? Are you feeling the burn of them having one while you do not?
  • Is your argument to your partners and anyone else who’s listening something like this: “Everyone is doing it, just look at X and Y!”
  • You feel like this is the hip and “in” thing to do and this will “up” your game as an organization.

What you really need are answers to questions that will help your bottom line:

  • This blog will bring in more income because it will sell our product and services.
  • We lack the ability to communicate with our customers and need their feedback to make our business better.
  • We are thought-leaders in the space and we need to communicate this better to our community and competition.

See the difference? You want to focus on internal motives instead of ones that come from outside. The more specific and quantifiable the better.

2. Resourcing

The question is simple: Do you have the right amount of resources to maintain a blog of note and quality? It’s an easy question but one that needs to be explored. Here are some cold hard facts about blogging done right:

  • Blogs require time to and resources to create new content. It also takes time to manage and curate well.
  • Blogs require money to design and develop. Existing technical resources could be pulled in here but then you take them away from existing needs.
  • Blogs need more than a warm body to fill the space – it requires a new paradigm for the business as a whole. This cultural change could be costly (at first).

The fact is that a blog takes resources and you’ll need to make sure you’ve got them to do it well.

3. Options

The question to ask is whether this is really the best way to go about communicating your message – are there other solutions that exist that might be better? I know of many companies that choose to use Facebook or Twitter solely instead of a external blog to communicate to their audiences, market their products, and sell their services.

Do you really need it? Perhaps you really don’t. For example, I started a new company called ChairCo where I’m going to be spending a decent amount of time accelerating people and coaching them to execute – you’d think that with all my blogging know-how I would have already launched a ChairCo blog of some sort.

But I haven’t. In fact, I’ve used this blog and the Coaching category specifically to “be” the blog for right now – perhaps for much longer even after the blog launches. I don’t have the time or interest to spin up yet another blog at this point in time.

[This is part of the Building a Killer Business and Corporate Blog Series. Image via Creative Commons, bob.]