Quiet Time [dot] TV – Needs Your Help!

A brand spanking new side project that I’ve just launched:  QuietTime.TV.

And we need your help.  More details after the jump…

I launched QuietTime.Tv yesterday to much personal fanfare (read: I’m the only one who knows about it… right now).

The goal and purpose of the site is pretty simple: Share the Word of God with others.  The full “about” section reads as follows:

QuietTime.TV’s goal is to encourage Christ-followers to dive deeply into the Scriptures, fall intimately in love with the Word of God, and to enjoy sharing the Divinely-Inspired Text with other people through online digital communication.

The cool thing right now is that I have NO idea how this goal will actually play out…  I want that particular part to be crowdsourced, if you will…  kinda.

I’m looking to build a team, in other words.

Check out the first video on the site and you should get the picture.  If you’ve got ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or want to be a part of this small uber-cool project… drop me a line and we’ll get things started.

Not sure where God is going to take it, but, I’d like to think it’ll be big…!

ALSO…  Please pass this entry around and let everyone you know about it!  The more the merrier.