Quit Social Media (For The Sake of Your Career)

An interesting post on the possibility that quitting social media might save your job (and your much larger career):

In a capitalist economy, the market rewards things that are rare and valuable. Social media use is decidedly not rare or valuable. Any 16-year-old with a smartphone can invent a hashtag or repost a viral article.

The idea that if you engage in enough of this low-value activity, it will somehow add up to something of high value in your career is the same dubious alchemy that forms the core of most snake oil and flimflam in business.

I like thinking through this type of stuff a lot. I have had my personal battles with social media and over-engagement which is why I’ve reduced my footprint significantly over the years.

The one thing that I feel really comfortable with, though, is the fact that I continue writing, daily, and I have no plans on quitting any time soon. In fact, if I can, I’ll write daily for the rest of my life.

Rare? Valuable? Who’s to say, but, it’s important to me. Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of those things will come and go, and then come and go again.