Will You Quit Blogging This Year?

Will you? Should you?

[This is part of the Escaping the 9-5: My Road to ProBlogging series.]

An interesting article was brought to my attention today from Chicago Business stating that many bloggers are quitting because the “demands are high” and the “rewards are low”.

Go figure. I’m not sure who convinced these people that blogging was an easy path to riches and fame! Blogging, especially if you go “pro,” is a full time job and has the ups, downs, and everything in between as any other job out there.

It’s not all giggles and unicorns and little elf-men throwing money in your face or double rainbows – it’s good old fashioned sweat-equity.

Don’t be fooled, and not everyone will “make it”.

But to give some of these people credit, there are definitely some valid reasons for quitting:

  1. You’re bored.
  2. You were never really into it.
  3. Your priorities changed.
  4. Life happened.
  5. Your interests shifted.
  6. You died.
  7. You got a higher and better paying job.
  8. You realized that there were better and more effective ways of making money than just a blog.

These are all valid, mind you, especially the last one which I wish more people really came to terms with: Blogs are great but it’s not a cure-all type of method and strategy!

How to Not Quit:

Of course, I’m all for blogging and I love it! So, what can you do to make sure (or reassure) yourself that blogging is for you?

  1. Take another look at all of the Blogging Personas and see if you’re in the “right” one!
  2. These Blogging Personas can help you focus your content as well as target your audience.
  3. Ask yourself if you’ve narrowed your focus enough or if you’re covering too many topics! Perhaps your categories will tell you the truth about your focus.
  4. Are you still on track with your overall Vision for your blog? Read more here for some help about “vision”.
  5. Ask your friends if you’re in it for the right reasons and how they perceive your engagement with blogging. The truth could hurt but is valuable.
  6. Focus, focus, focus your content. Did I already say this? Yes. I did. And I’ll say it again!
  7. Or, perhaps, start a new blog with a different approach and a different content focus?
  8. Challenge yourself with some Short Term Traffic Goals!
  9. Challenge yourself to make some money this year with your blogging! Get started with some blog advertising!
  10. Become a true TentBlogger (find out how to know here)!

And, of course, persevere. Remember that blogging, like many things in life, is a true long-term thing: It’s a marathon! Run the race well!

So, what do you think your greatest struggle will be? How can I help you?

[This is part of the Escaping the 9-5: My Road to ProBlogging series.]