The Race Conditions Begin

It’s fun to think that all fun (and game-changing) internet projects make their first, small (but important!) public appearance through a simple, decentralized transaction.

In many ways it’s simultaneously Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake; you’ve brought the former while you’re capturing, contractually, the latter.

It’s a truly beautiful and simple system — now, you must prove it out as the metacreator as you have 12 months from that moment to make sure it won’t go to waste.

And the race conditions begin; the timer is set, the goal is binary while the prize is without bounds. Everyone can start out of the same block but we know that not everyone will respect the opportunity, give it its proper due.

It is as it should be; winners take all.

And like life, it’s a cycle; we get do-overs, repeats, reminders that sometimes it’s about compounding growth than sequential. Every (re)investment is another block on the chain.

Our future is assured.