Radio Silence

There are a lot of things happening in the world of Apple right now with the exciting new OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 releases just around the corner.

In addition, Pressgram’s little desktop brother is getting closer and closer to launch and I need to allocate my time and attention there (although a small SSL issue that I just noticed will be fixed shortly for those who have had trouble with Facebook…).

I don’t imagine that I’ll be posting much for the next month or two until the release of iOS 8 – here’s to focusing a bit more and isolating things so that I can proceed and execute with excellence.

I hope you’re finding all that you need in order that you might also focus on the things that you need to get done – not just the small things day-to-day but the really big things that you want to accomplish in life.

I mean, this life is so, so short, isn’t it? I think of that often and how little time we have to spend on so few things. I wonder if we’re all making the best choices with our time. I wonder if we need to start making better decisions…

In any case, I’m going to go radio silent for a bit here while I work my tail off to ship Desk PM.