The Ramifications of Being My Full Self

Love this:

I am willing to deal with the ramifications of me being my full self.

via GaryVee

Check it out here:

via GaryVee

I’ve shared my own thoughts on this type of language before but I’m not sure I’ve been able to say it quite as clearly as Gary.

I just don’t see the use of these types of 4-letter words as being as big of a “problem” as so many other things in life.

In fact, when folks encounter me and they decide that that is the most important thing and issue that they want to talk with me about (that is, my use of language) then they’ve missed out and are wasting their time as I’ll never have an answer that will ultimately satisfy those people.

There are just so many more important things to be working on and figuring out and fixing. Spend less time on the superficial and more time on the things that matter.

So much of my adult life has been about becoming more comfortable in my own skin and I’m going to ignore the folks who want me to take a step backwards instead of forward.