Random Constraints

Sometimes I challenge myself to work through a repetitive process in a different and dramatic way, just to see if I learn anything from the experience. A recent example of this was changing my publishing workflow for my startup’s vlog:

Usually, I capture my footage exclusively on my GoPro and then import those files into my notebook or desktop computer, using these settings for an optimized YouTube experience.

But yesterday’s personal vlog was captured, edited, and published entirely via my iPhone 11 Pro Max (these names are so dumb). I didn’t have to but I wanted to add this constraint and see if there were any insights or lessons or… whatever-the-fuck you might get out of doing something out-of-the-ordinary.

So… did I learn anything from the experience? Nope. Nada.

And that’s life.

Thankfully, I still get a meaningful output, which is why I continue to try and experiment and do things.