Ravi Zacharias

An apology is where you start…

… but it’s not where you stop.

We were wrong. Our trust in Ravi’s denial of moral wrongdoing and in his deceptive explanations of emails and other records that became public was severely misplaced, and our failures in 2017, including our failure to commission an independent investigation at that time, allowed tremendous pain to continue to be caused in the Thompsons’ lives.


Ravi was one of the most important spiritual leaders / mentors for me, at a distance, in the earlier-stages of my adult life. I read nearly every single book he wrote, every article he penned on the internet, and every podcast and snippet of video that I could find.

He was one of the most clear and most precise communicators of biblical truth that I had ever heard and he was a masterful apologist; seeing him live, in a rare and precious moment, was unforgettable — I can still see him taking question after question after question…

… the man came to drop bombs..

The problem is that he had a deep, dark secret. It is now exposed.

This is life. This is how it operates. All secrets will and shall be revealed. Yours and mine. All of them. Do not be deceived. That should frighten you as well as relieve you. It should scare you to death while also be a deeply refreshing, a settledness and peace.

This is equitable, fair; it is just.

It’s terrible. It’s truly terrible. But thank God for Christ.