Let’s Build a Landing Page — Recreating a (static) React Page into WordPress

And… I managed to pull it all together in less than an hour! My goal was to simply get something pushed out before my next meeting!

The challenge was to recreate my existing landing page — a (static) React page — into a WordPress site. My hope was to get something pretty close.

The reason I did this was because I wanted to separate our marketing / landing page from our technology platform. This independence would allow us to move faster through our iterative exeriments. In addition, it would reduce the complexity of our technology stack and create less risk associated with faster cycles.

So, that’s what I did! We started with this (yen.io):

And this is what I was able to come away with (yenio.wpengine.io):

Not bad, right? You can give the new site a spin here.

📺 — Also, I recorded the entire process from end-to-end here on YouTube:

[This post was originally published on Indie Hackers.]