Reading as Conversation

When you read someone’s writing, especially if you’ve been reading their thoughts for a while (in whatever mode or medium), you begin to realize that it’s much more of a conversation than what is oftentimes confused as a one-way soapbox.

Think of it as a pause, a moment of personal reflection and silence as you let the other person take a turn telling their side of the tale, their story(ies) with all of the winding pathways and corridors of thought that typically form and are illumined between two folks who like and are comfortable with each other.

Reading, for me, is kind of like that.

I read a lot of books at the same time, typically something between 8 to 10 books. I don’t always finish all of them and I some of them I finish fast while others take a very long time to finish (if I even get there). Some, I never finish, not because I’m bored but because I’ve got something else that’s slightly more timely, pressing, or simply… well, interesting.

That’s kind of what our relationship (concentric) circles look like, I’d imagine — where there are multiple conversation streams (i.e. books) that are happening and you’re in a different state and place with each one of them. Some of the books are very interrelated while others are independent in their own right and isolated, alone.

But each one is a conversation, a dialogue in mid-flight, something that I can pick up and put down whenever either party is inclined. Sometimes a book compels me to pick it up while sometimes it requires me to take the first step in cracking open the cover, sotospeak.

I like that. The analogies and metaphors just work.