Real Behavior Change…

… is exceptionally hard. It’s harder than most people think, or realize, or want to admit to themselves.

Real, sustained, fundamental behavior change is one of the hardest things to do for oneself and is just as hard (or harder?) for others.

And this is really what we’re up against when we think through things like New Year’s Resolutions and similar things.

What we want is real, lasting behavior change but we’re almost never committed to work for it. We’re almost never invested enough to grind through the difficulty of experiencing and being rewarded by a true biological and psychological state change.

This is why most resolutions never stick. Some fail before they are even executed. That’s because habits, which are a template for behavior models and systems, take a lot more time than anyone mentally wants to commit to.

If we just mentally decide to change and if we honor that mental decision by showing up a few times… isn’t that enough?

Obviously not. Obvious-ly-fucking-not.

Real behavior time requires you to give an investment of your most precious asset and resource: Time. And you’ll never get it back once you start.

I think of this often. If I’m going to spend any of that precious, limited resource… I better be all in, so that I never have any regret about my spend.

Real behavior change requires the most of us and is the largest obstacle that we collectively and individually face. If we rise and meet it boldly and with confidence then we will triumph.

And it might be even fun along the way.