A Real Designer!

Yesterday was our first product planning meeting with… gasp… 3 people! How cool is that! It’s a bit more of a “party” now that it’s no longer Agata and myself!

@benpaine, welcome to the team! So glad that we have a “real” designer on the team! 🤣

Adding anyone to an early-stage team changes everything about the culture and one thing I’m more sensitive to than I ever have been is how this globally impacts our productivity and communication workflows — if it’s not well-designed or orchestrated now, it’s not going to get any better as we add a 4th or 5th human to the team!

Naturally, this week is about making those small adjustments and helping not just Ben adjust to joining our community but also myself and Agata.

Ben shared a few candid thoughts on a new blog and he’s already starting to put together some distinct experiments for our yidget and the larger chat view:

So cool.

What I’ve asked Ben to do over the next week is to just “have fun” with creating a handful of different takes or riffs on what this could ultimately look like.

Let’s get to designing!

We won’t make a commitment to a design, but, I wanted to expand our thought process(es) around how we can thoughtfully and intentionally engage our users in the fastest and most meaningful way possible.

Sometimes, designing concepts that are a bit “out there” can help expand these mental boundaries and that’s what this week has been about.

You should also follow Ben on Twitter as he’s starting to share some of his experiments publicly! I particularly love this because “building in the open” is a huge part of who we are, as a community (the “yeniverse“) and we want to share our progress with our friends as much as possible, to get the feedback we need and to inspire them to continue to create and execute against their projects as well!

Follow him on Twitter!

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]