Reality — 9

This post is part of Project: Inception, written ~8 years ago. It has been untouched from its original, pseudonymous, form. It is also part of the larger “farewell” tour and countdown as I turn-off this blog and head to the metaverse where I will live out the rest of my wonderful days. I hope to see you there!


One of the biggest challenges of the first 30 years of my life has been one of being “normal” or trying to act like a neurotypical. In some ways it will always be a life-long challenge and points of tension between my desire and journey to be completely myself versus the person that I think I should be and that is expected of me, whether right or wrong.

This reality is no longer sustainable. I am who I was created to be and I can do no other. Especially in one’s vocation and the traditional workplace aspies already have a hard time fitting in to begin with. I’ve been told that I’m “eccentric,” “odd,” “weird,” and every other nicety that attempts to cover up the obvious; hey, I’m different people, and so is every other aspie out there.

This further pressures us to blend in, fit in, become “normal” so that we may become more easily accepted, if not at least appreciated.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he doesn’t change his clothes or that he has to listen to the same song on repeat for the 1,000th time he’d be a  perfect employee!

You know what? Fuck that.

As an aspie creative we were born with so much more purpose than to become normal and boring. The reality is that we are anything but normal and boring. We are eccentricdifferent, a little off, and we’re also the innovators, disruptors, and creators of the new world order in all of our respective industries.

To hear that we would “never work” in the real work and that our ideas are won’t defeat the insoluble is categorically against the way we see the world. You know what? You should just ignore the “real” world and begin living in the one that you see plainly and clearly.

That world is depressing and is filled with so much typicalness that it creates a vomit-like reflex. You were born with great and different ideas and you hope that you will change the world. There is nothing normal about that.

You have a different way of thinking about your industry and the challenges within. So what if your process or methodology is unorthodox? In this boring reality, wherein businesses that try to hammer out the square pegs in round holes, you are more than just flawed, inefficient, and unfamiliar.

You are a breath of fresh air.

Don’t believe the reality that you’ve been told, even begged, to conform to. They are wasting their time and unfortunately they are trying to waste yours.

The revolutionaries that we laud failed reality so badly that they had no other choice but to create their own. The irony is that those revolutionary’s new reality eventually became ours.